Real Time Travel Is Not Possible

It is a touchy thing to go against the grain of so much hyped theory of famous people within which many other theories have been based and so much money is poured down a endless waste of  effort by many who are considered “smart”. Basing new theories on a improper understanding of a well known theory does not make it so no matter how famous you are or the “wow factor” you present.

Let me do that touchy thing and dispelling any idea that real time travel has any remote possibility.

Most of the “smart” folks start off by siting Einstein’s theories that they themselves are not sure to understand or they would not be making such a statement that real time travel was possible.

For a simple fact that what Einstein was describing was no more than a similarity to the DOPPLER EFFECT of sound is to radio waves or light. That if you were able to travel faster than the speed of sound (or light), you could witness a event and then traveling faster than that given speed, see (or hear) what has already taken place yet again. That is not time travel but just traveling faster than the speed of light (or sound). You did not go into the past. It is only a perception.

Einstein had went on to describe the different distortions of what the light would do when traveling faster, slower or near the same speed. Only the appearance of time travel is noted, not actual time travel. It is only a perception.  He called it space time. Space as it is in his notes is distance. The same effects can be noted with the speed of sound and probably very much correct as it pertains to light even though it will remain a unproven theory, it clearly makes sense.

Many of these “smart” folks continue to site his use of the speed of light in the basis for the theory of relativity as a absolute proof of time travel. I really do not know where they might come up with that idea as Einstein used the speed of light in equations for one reason only. It is that the speed of light can be expected to be the same no matter where you are in the universe. It is considered to be a universal constant. Where as time is only what we make of it in a some mechanical comprehension. So the speed of light is used to measure a elemental of perceived mechanical time and/or distance (space-time) in some of his theories. Also note that we all use it to measure vast distances of space everyday, but it has nothing to do with actual time outside of the fact that we know how far it will travel in a given amount of our imposed mechanical time.

When you look up at the night sky, know this. It is the same time here as it is at any star you see in the night sky and you are not looking at the way the stars are now. You are looking at the way they were, based on the distance they are from us  and how long it takes for that light to get here… (space time…  probably before the earth had any life). Most are more than thousands of light years away at best and may not even exist anymore or exploded, burnt out or collided with other systems etc.

It takes light nearly eight minutes to reach us from our own star (the sun).  Is it not the same time at the sun as it is here ? If you were traveling towards the sun faster than the speed of light, time would seem accelerated to you (events on the sun appear to be happening faster than normal) but you have not went into the future even though (if you were closer to it than the earth) you would see events on the sun before we would see them on earth . By the same token, if you were traveling away from the sun faster than the speed of light, time would seem slower than normal as it relates to the sun.  These are only perceptions. It is actually the same time for you as it is here on earth even if you do not perceive it to be so.

So here is one for you to ponder…

You are moving directly from one star to another star faster than the speed of light. Events on the star you are moving away from appear to be happening slower and the events on the star you are moving towards appear to be happening faster. What time is it where you are? The correct answer is no change in time or the same time it is here on earth.

Now ponder this…

If you travel away from a star “exactly” at the speed of light, would time appear (perception) to stand still (as Einstein theorized) or would you actually even see that star ? Might it appear as a black hole or something similar?

While Hollywood and Steven Hawking get a lot of press speaking of and captivating your imagination, real time travel is just simply science fiction. You can have the appearance of time travel anytime you look up at the stars as things have already happened that you have yet to see. Are you living in the past ?

“Time is the only truth in the Universe and we can’t even measure it. You can not manipulate anything you can not measure”.