The Midnight Engineer To Test the MikroKopter Octo-XL & A.R.DRONE RC HELICOPTERS


Yes, it has been a while since our last posting and we have done many things we will soon update you on. But we thought we would tell you of our tests of some of the latest in RC helicopter technology.

Not your fathers RC Aircraft would be the word on these truly unique types of helicopters.

First is the A.R. Drone made by Parrot ( that is a true quad rotor (4 engine/propeller) that uses a iPhone/iPad wifi for the controller.

The second is the Mikrokopter OCTO-XL that is a large true 8 rotor helicopter that is so far advanced that it simply blows anything you might have thought about RC aircraft out of the air. These two German Midnight Engineers have done their homework over the years and have truly earned my utmost admiration.

Please view their homepage at


More on these new age helicopter rc aircraft put to the test here at coming soon. We will tell you our findings as far as quality/functionality and maybe a few do’s and don’ts.

We will be creating a special section just for RC Electronics  and servo robotics.

Stay tuned !

OH… also we are going to release to open source some more of our DOS programs related to Amateur / HAM Radio Repeater control.