Myths Busted

We all get sucked in to things that are to good to be true. Since a child, I have always asked how they did that trick. Being a guy of science, what else could you ask.

Before I had to rebuild this site, I had many “to good to be true” schemes. I would present them and show how they did that or the truth as I persevered it.

A bunch of that data is gone because of a failure of me to do a proper back-up and verify that back-up.

So we will start again from time to time, adding data to the myths I see on the internet. There are plenty of them I assure you. Some are quite funny.

To see a particular Myth “WE” Bust, check the page menu on the left.

For the rest of this page, I will list others that have busted myths. I celebrate their energy to keep other folks from being “bamboozled”.

Below those are some topis done by others that I applaud.

So here is the first I will directly embed from a YouTube video from user jamphimhd regarding free energy using a computer fan and some magnets from a hard drive.

Good Job and Thanks for that one!

Now seeing how that was done, you understand the next:

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that the long sought after ZERO-Point Energy is possible or impossible. I’m Just saying seeing is not always believing.

We just like to get your wheels turning (pun intended)…

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