IP Address Readback via command

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Here is a IP address readback by command. This has been set to route to speak-ip before the extension is played-back. Look at the code and you will understand how simple it is. The difference between this and the one that may have been shipped with your default acid install files is that it is completely quite.
Just the ip is red back over the air. No dial tone, no ct.
[ivrmenu] ;the beginning menu sorts and routes extension to a new stanza
; pre-evaluate extensions and route to new stanza past error trap
; The first extensions to prevent extension read-back for certain commands
exten =>00,1,Goto(speak-ip,1,1)  ; command is 00 and is the 1st instruction sent to stanza below
;- this ends quite mode
exten =>_X.,1,SayAlpha(${EXTEN})       ; Readback Dialed Number
; error trap:  If command fell through, speak an error
exten =_X.,2,Playback(option-is-invalid&silence/1&please-contact-tech-supt)
exten =_X.,n,Playback(silence/1&vm-goodbye)
exten =_X.,n,Hangup
; this ends pre-evaluate in routing to new stanza
; New stanzas to be placed below the error trap


Don’t forget to save your file and restart asterisk.

So just key and enter  ” *97  00 ”  for it to work.