Kitty-C.A.T. for the Yaesu FT-1000 & D (dos)

Here is a C.A.T. software program I wrote back in the 90’s (1993-95)for controlling a FT-1000 when my heart was set on being a programmer. I did sell this software but here it is now for free to use and distribute but not alter or sell without my expressed written permission.
It was written for MS-DOS OS but might work on others like Linux with DOS EMU.Windows: You might need to declare the com port use.


Please let me know if you are able to run it on other O.S. as I do not have the radio now-a-days to test it and the software will not work with other models.
It is quite deluxe for its time and even now. Please enjoy it and perhaps if there is new interest in it I will start a forum page for it to give support through.

Extract the files to a floppy and run kcinstal.bat program or just copy all the files to a folder and run kcat.bat
Enjoy and keep in touch !

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