System Time Set using Radio DTMF

A means to set system clock with DTMF RADIO COMMANDS.

First I want to point out several things. Read the warnings at the bottom. This is not a perfect thing, but a framework to meet a end need. You will likely need to make adjustments to it for your particular circumstance(s).

It was intended for […]

Sync time with NTP for app_rpt

(internet connected systems only)

While this probably should be done by your OS, from cron

Here is a script to sync your time with NTP.

Give it a name ( , Apply ownership

Give it a command in rpt.conf, Run that command from the macro/sched late at night.

#!/bin/bash /usr/sbin/ntpdate > /etc/asterisk/log/timelog.txt Will also […]


Next step, if you started from the beginning of our quickie install example, is to edit and configure the system files. If you want to start from the beginning CLICK HERE

A quick word once again, we are not exploring all the options you may have with this. We are assuming you care not about […]